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Allwood pipe


A short briar pipe made of one piece of briar, with the bit carved into the end of the shank.

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Another find from the move to new premises.  I used to make pipes like this for a customer in London back in the eighties.  He didn’t want a pipe with a separate stem, as he kept breaking them, his solution was to have a pipe made in one piece.  He still managed to get through them, I imagine the bit at the end became a little soggy from being kept in the mouth.  This pipe is provided with a rubber grip, which should prevent this problem.  I’d always have a few of these partly made, ready for the customer to have when he needed a new one, and I found a box with one complete pipe ready to go, plus few “in progress”.  I may finish those off, if there is enough interest.  I think the shape bears a passing resemblance to the pipe smoked by Kevin Costner in the Hatfield and McCoy series.