Today I've received an automated email from PayPal informing me that my account has been 'limited'. This means they have blocked any further account usage, including locking any funds in the account for "up to 180 days".

I am looking to resolve this as soon as possible, but unfortunately this means you won't be able to use PayPal when completing purchases on this website. Please see below for alternative ways we can accept payments in the meantime:

Basket - Cheque Payment (UK Only)

When you reach the checkout you will see a 'Cheque' payment option - you can select this to complete the checkout process. While you are more than welcome to send a cheque as payment, you can also Contact Us after completing your order to pay electronically.

Telephone - Card Processing (UK Only)

We are able to process orders over the telephone as always, using our on-site card machine that is also usually used inside the Blakemar showroom (when it isn't closed due to covid). Customers are more than welcome to phone in to place an order, whether you have completed the online checkout or not.

Overseas Customers

We are working on a solution, but need to fully investigate the alternatives.
We will update this post as soon as possible - please check back for details.

Unfortunately we can't add any other third party payment systems into the current website, but we are working on a new one in the background and hope to have it up and running soon - we may well move away from PayPal if there is future risk of this happening.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused - as always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or issues.
Stay safe & happy smoking.