Today has been a day of adding new shapes and finishes to the website, most notably the Sir Douglas - a pipe shape that was originally made for legendary WWII flying ace Sir Douglas Bader. 

Sir Douglas flew as a fighter pilot for the RAF during the Second World War throughout the Battle for France & Battle for Britain campaigns. He was credited with shooting down over 22 German fighters and even endured being captured and held as a POW for some time. Sir Douglas lost both his legs during an aerobatic accident in 1931, making his accomplishments and notoriety even more impressive.

Sir Douglas was a loyal customer of Blakemar Briars for over a decade. His favoured shape was a small billiard with a short saddle stem. This same pipe that Sir Douglas liked to purchase & smoke is now being added to the Litchbruyere & De Luxe range. 

A great looking pipe with some interesting British history to it's name, this pipe is sure to be a good conversation piece, appealing to collectors and discerning pipe smokers all over. Click Here to view the Litchbruyere Sir Douglas pipe, or click here to view the De Luxe Sir Douglas pipe.

Below is letter we managed to find sent to R Martin from Sir Douglas in 1974 regarding his latest order.

It reads:

"Dear Mr Martin,

Many thanks for your excellent pipes which are just what I want.

Sorry for this delayed reply, but I was away in Scotland when your parcel arrived and I returned only yesterday.

Yours sincerely

Douglas Bader"