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Some of you may be aware that we stock a pipe brochure in our showroom, that lists a selection of shapes and colours produced by Blakemar Briars.

A copy of this brochure is available to any and all customers, some of which may not always have access to a PC or the internet to view our website.

We have recently released a new version of this brochure, with up to date information about shapes that we stock and also included a few samples of the pipes availble online.

Please find an embedded copy of this brochure below, along with a download link to the pdf file. Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy please just let us know and we'll be happy to send you one!

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Once again, the cost of tobacco has increased.

While the tobacco shown on this site is still currently at the same price, once we purchase new stock these prices will increase.

I would estimate that these prices will be amended before the end of February, so anyone looking to purchase that extra bit of tobacco or tinned tobacco before the prices go up should get in touch asap.

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Christmas 2014

21/12/2014 16:27

As always, I'll be taking some time off to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.

Blakemar Briars will close at 12:00pm on 24/12/2014 and reopen on 02/01/2015 for business as usual.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

Enjoy smoking your pipes over the festive season & I look forward to speaking to you in 2015! :)

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This coming Saturday (20/09/2014), the Pipe Club of London meeting will be held at our premises.

All pipe club members are welcome.

Please note that the showroom will be open as normal to all customers looking to browse/purchase our selection of pipes & tobacco.

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This weekend we’ve added a new range of pipes to the website – the One-Off Specials.

This range includes a variety of ‘one-off’ pipes that are not standard stock items here at Blakemar Briars.

These pipes are unique and once sold may not be available again in the future.

Usually these pipes consist of custom shapes, colours or finishes.

Take a look and Contact Us if there are any you would like!

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Holiday Closure (25/07/2014)

20/07/2014 16:55

Blakemar Briars will be closed on Friday 25/07/2014.

My niece Kate will be getting married to her fiancé Rob, so I’ll be taking the day off to attend the wedding and celebrate with family and friends.

Make sure you pop in or send across your order over the next few days if you’re in need of any pipes, tobacco or other supplies before the weekend.

The premises will be open as usual from Monday 28/07/2014.

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This week we’ve added 2 new tinned tobacco blends to our selection.
These blends have been recently re-released by Dunhill, after being discontinued for quite some time:

Dunhill Durbar (50g)
Originally introduced in 1910 alongside Royal Yacht.
This blend is designed for the more experienced and mature pipe smoker, with a composition of Virginia, Latakia and Oriental tobaccos.
It has a well balanced smooth, dark brown smoke with floral and tannin tones.

Dunhill Apéritif (50g)
First introduced in 1951 alongside Early Morning Pipe.
This blend is also designed for the more experienced pipe smoker, with a composition of Virginia, Latakia, Oriental and Cavendish tobaccos.
It has a pronounced smoke, delivering a robust taste for smoking later in the day.

To see our full selection of stocked tinned tobacco products, head on over to the Tinned Tobacco page.

If loose tobacco is more your preference, you can see our full selection on the Loose Tobacco page.

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Every year, pipes smokers from all around the UK gather in Newark for the British Pipe Smoking Championships (BPSC).

This year, the event will take place at the Newark Showground on July 13th.

How the competition works

Every contender is given a pipe, 3g of tobacco and 2 matches.
5 minutes are given to check the pipe & load the bowl.
1 minute is then given to light the bowl with the matches.
Once lit, the aim is to keep the pipe smoking for as long as possible – the last one smoking wins.
No relights are allowed.
Smoke too slow and the pipe will go out – smoke too fast and all the tobacco will be gone!

Prizes include pipes, tobacco and other useful tools.

Alongside the competition, there are always plenty of pipe-related products on show and for sale – along with a bar and food for those who are just looking for a relaxing day out.

For more information on booking a slot in the competition, or on the event itself – head on over to the 2014 British Pipe Smoking Championships Event Page on Facebook.

We’ll be there!

Blakemar Briars will be attending the event, displaying a selection of our pipes that will be available for sale.

The BPSC really is a great day out, whether to compete, browse the various stands or just have a good time with your fellow pipe smokers.

I hope to see you all there.

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Blakemar Briars will be closed for one week commencing 16/06/2014 – the premises will be open once again on 23/06/2014.

Rose and I are taking a trip down to Loch Lomond in Scotland to relax and see the local scenery.

Any emails sent to us during this week will be answered upon my return, however please bear in mind that my reply may be delayed further while I try to respond to everyone in chronological order.

Any large orders should be placed well in advance of the above date, as it may take some time to construct your order and could mean delayed shipping if left too late.

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New Opening Times

01/04/2014 17:42

Please note that from 19/04/2014 Blakemar Briars will no longer be open on Saturdays. We will continue to be open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

After many years of working Saturday mornings, I have finally made the decision to reduce my hours to the ‘standard working week’ – allowing me to spend the weekend with my beloved wife (and perhaps even take her out from time to time!).

This decision does not affect the Pipe Club of London, who are still more than welcome to host their meetings at the Blakemar premises through prior arrangement.

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